Need to change

On days like this, I question if I have learnt anything from this experience? We all have stressful days at work and I guess it is a part of life. Do we just accept it and let this stress eat away at us? Or do we have the courage to actually change it? But change it how?

I have been building my business for 15 years on my own. I employ a dozen of architects and I spend more time resolving the horrible side of the business than the part that I actually love, Which is being an architect. Creating. Having time to think.

I really need to rejig my professional life. Having a knot in my stomach and having work issues stress me out more than when I had cancer is something I desperately need to change.

Today is fathers day and I have made a point to spend time with my son, so this will be a short post before I shut down my computer, go for a walk and see the sun set along the river.

I really need to change…just don’t know how.

One thought on “Need to change

  1. Change is always incremental. Sure, there are seminal events, “sea changes”, that can overwhelm, but they are not the norm. I have had to make small adjustments in my life that, over time, bring bigger results. There are plateaus in life. For example,my blog site appears to have “maxed out’ at 859 followers. Maybe that will prove to be my maximum number, in perpetuity. If so, I will strive to make sure they are pleased with my work, to a reasonable extent; but ultimately, my writing is my own. Your own efforts ought to be pleasing to yourself, first; then to your family and closest friends- and only then, to kindred spirits, in a wider world.

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