Scientific articles I found informative

A scientific article involving the loss  of the Hallux. In this case with diabetic patients.

Acral Melanoma has a higher tendency to recur than non acral melanoma Acral Melanoma: A Patient’s Experience and Physician’s Commentary

Orthotics for partial foot amputation Follow this link

The loss of the big toe causes changes in gait and this article covers this topic: “Gait Abnormality Following Amputation in Diabetic Patients

As precaution, surgeons amputate the toe rather than just removing the tumour itself: In Response to “Descriptive Survival Study of Nail Melanoma Patients Treated With Functional Surgery vs Distal Amputation”

My brother is a dentist and fits implants and I always wondered if there was some type of toe implant that could be attached to where the toe was. I found this abstract about ceramic implants, but the study seems to treat patients who have the full toe and not amputees. Worth a read nevertheless Press-fit ceramic implant arthroplasty of the hallux metatarsophalangeal joint—Evaluation of outcomes

Does First Ray Amputation in Diabetic Patients Influence Gait and Quality of Life?



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